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Pet Birds - Adopting A Pet Bird Resources, Information and Articles
Adopt A Smaller Pet Bird

The bird with the scientific name Poicephalus Meyeri originated from the wilds of Central and Eastern Africa. Meyers have gone thru countless hybrids Adopt A Smaller Pet Bird

Bird Adoption

As many of us know birds are fascinating creatures. Their brightly colored feathers and they way that they act, sing and talk has fascinated man for a long Bird Adoption

Choosing an Uncommon Pet. Lizard, Pony, Horse. But you Have to Take Care of Them.

When you think to adopt an uncommon pet (not a dog or a cat), first of all you must know that you have to provide custom care for him.Choosing an Uncommon Pet

Parrot Adoption: What You Need to Know

Two years ago, you simply could not resist those two brightly colored parrots in the pet store window. What a mistake! Now you want a new home for your Parrot Adoption

Parrot Rescue - Michigan Has An Answer

Pet parrot rescue in Michigan is an example of what it should be in every state and in every country. KARE, a pet parrot rescue group in Michigan, is in Parrot Rescue

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