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Angel Pets 2.0 - Come and help fairies to feed pets quickly.

Pet Sitting 4.0 - Software for Pet Sitting

Petri Heil - Gold Online 3.11 - Petri Heil - Gold Online - fishing simulator!

Pet Health Software Pet Health Software Pet Health 1 - Keep records of your pet's medical history.

ADA Pets Finder 3.00 - Find and swap pets in this puzzle match game

Pet Eye Pilot 1.40 - Remove red eyes from your pet's photos

Psychic Pet Control DSPP 1.0 - Psychic Pet Control Subliminal Program Demo

CyPet 2.02 - Free virtual pet game

BattlePets 1.01 - A PC game much like Pokemon.

Avelia Pet Adventures 0.34 - Design, breed, trade, and raise pets online.

Pets Connect 2.5 - Connect pairs of matching pets.

PetSite 1.0 - Pet script portal.