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Reptiles Make a Fabulous Pet
by Brigette Federico

If you are thinking about purchasing a reptile as a pet they make fabulous pets as they are quiet and do not leave an unpleasant odor. A small pet can require an area as small as a plant pot or for the larger pet the room can be as large as a living room.

It boils down to how much space and which room you would like to see a pet living in. Houses for large pets can be set up as near to its environment as possible with certain types of cages. Reptile accessories such as branches, pieces of wood and covers can be placed in a cage to allow your pet slither about and sleep when tired.

If you are purchasing an aquarium then there is a screen to cover the tank. If your pet is being housed outside there are wooden cages with appropriate pet accessories that will keep your pet reptile happy. In the summer time you can move your reptile house to a garden or back yard. However, do not place the cage and pet in direct sunlight as they could have sun stroke and become dehydrated.

Whatever your choice of cage you choose for a reptile it will need to be draught proof, secure, heat resistant and well lit. The one thing that reptiles have going for them is they are easy to keep clean. If you miss feeding them on occasions there is no great worry as they do not have to eat continually every day. If they are fed too much they can become obese and unhealthy.

If you purchase a Green Iguana, various boas or a python they get to be over 20 foot long. At Rocket Pets not only do we have a large selection of pet products and reptile accessories, but we can also offer advice on essential pet care if required.

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