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The Three Crucial Traits That All Top Horse Riders Share
by Stal Amani

Most horse riders who ride competitively want to become the top of their field whether it be dressage, jumping or eventing. But do successful riders all share certain qualities that help them reach the top? According to studies carried out on successful people there are certain common traits that successful people all share

1. Practice.

One of those traits is the discipline and dedication to constantly practice your riding skills. If you want to become a top rider you need to place yourself in a situation where you are able to ride as many days of the week and for as many hours as possible. Preferably you should be under the supervision of a good horse trainer who can constantly correct your faults. You need a horse trainer who has a good eye for detail and who has a good track record for training horses and riders.

2. Fitness and a healthy diet.

To ride at your best you must be fit and healthy. A lot of riders believe that just riding their horse is enough, but many of the top Olympic riders also train in other ways, such as going to the gym or jogging. Nowadays those riders who are shortlisted for the Olympics consult both a nutritionist and a fitness expert not just for their horse but also for themselves. If you want to become a top rider you must start watching your fitness and diet to give you a head start over your competitors.

3. Determination.

You will often over hear people at competitions commenting "oh he or she wins because they have wealthy parents, an amazing horse, an indoor arena" etc. No one gets to the top unless they have unwavering determination. Virtually all of the top riders have suffered setbacks and failures. Many of them did not have wealthy parents to pay for their horses and even those that did have put a huge amount of time and effort into their riding to achieve top place. Without determination you will stop at the first or second obstacle that is placed in your way.

So if your dream is to become a top horse rider

Decide on a plan of action.

1. Try to ride as often as possible under the supervision of a good horse trainer.

2. Follow a separate exercise plan such as pilates for horse riders and watch what you eat.

3. However many setbacks you may have, remember what your goal is and keep taking small steps towards achieving it.

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