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Horse Riding Lessons: The Basics About Horse Riding
by Laura Toy

There are many places in this world that still use horses as a mode of transportation, as entertainment, as part of a sport, and others. Some individuals are into animals, especially horses. They breed, race, or simply just love to ride horses for it gives them a sense of satisfaction. From the polo club to the race tracks, people rush to see these beautiful, slender, powerful, and elegant animals that have survived many centuries roaming many continents.

In this modern age, where computers and different modes of transportation exist, many are still curious how it feels like riding a horse. Well, let us tell you now that there are schools which offer horse riding lessons.

Horses are an intelligent and sensitive animal. It is important that you treat it with respect and this is primary and basic when you want to learn how to ride on horses. If you do not have the passion and the love for this wonderful creatures then it would be best that you set this aside.

Before you end up on the back of a horse, you must first learn how to lead a horse. What you have to do is to stand in front of a horse, about a foot away from their throat latch. Place one hand just below the lead snap and the other hand on the lead line. You must remember to approach the horse slowly and in subtle manner for your safety and not to startle the horse as well. Try to take a step and pull the lead line gently and as the horse follows, walk the horse around.

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If you want to eventually end up on a horse's back and be able to ride horses the best advice that you will find anywhere or from anyone is to find a good school to teach you how to ride horses. Others will suggest that you find yourself a professional instructor who will guide you through all the steps and basics of horse riding. Both these suggestions are correct and must be taken into consideration if you want to take up horse riding lessons.
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