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Thinking About Where Should Your Dog Sleep?
by Jerry Brecken

Just like humans, dogs, too, have particular whims for sleeping nooks. It is this peculiar liking, which every dog owner must address as it will greatly affect pet-owner relationship.

Different dogs call for different choices of places to sleep as some dogs can have very discriminate picks. But in a place like your home, they may sleep just anywhere they wish to. There is really no definite area where your pooch should sleep, but it isn't a bad idea to have a list.

Depending on the location's availability and the convenience of actually having your pet slumber on them, these are some suggestions on the sleeping areas appropriate for your prized pooch:

Who says baskets are just for your groceries? These highly-versatile shopping and marketing companions are also ideal as sleeping nooks for canines. If your dog isn't the type who loves to chew and bite on things, baskets will definitely do the trick. A soft pillow placed inside will be a good way to make your dog comfortable. However, if your dog has active jaws and fangs, using a plastic laundry basket is advisable.

You can also let them sleep on nesting beds as these "hug" your pet whenever it crouches on them. Variations of this type of dog bed are designed to allow small dogs to simply crawl inside and enjoy a quick, relaxing slumber.

You may as well lend your pet a blanket. Dogs, too, may find this piece of wool a good place to doze off because a blanket is soft and can ably provide the right warm temperature. Just make sure to regularly wash them, so they won't give off a dismaying smell.

Dogs also need a clean and dry place to sleep on. In this regard, cold, damp floors are not favorable sleeping areas. Thus, raised platforms protect dogs from wet and cold surfaces and keep them away from sickness.

Give your dogs bean bags, which are generally made of dog-friendly fabrics. Such dog beds are specially ideal if your dog is a wriggly one as the beds support your dog's movements.

Dog crates are particularly advisable if your pooch loves to feel protected. Crates are a good place to have your pooch sleep on as they also provide a private space for your pets.

Of course, where else can your dog feel more secured, relaxed, and loved than on its master's own bed? For the most part, dogs prefer the scent of their masters and the thought of being close to them because they feel that they are being taken cared of, wanted, and protected. From time to time, it is good to have your prized canine pet spend a night dozing off beside you on your comfy bed, treating it just like a fine companion. However, be careful not to allow your pet to slumber beside you for a long time. Aside from the fact that actually having your dog stay on your bedroom on a daily basis is not really advisable, this can also result in your trusted pooch becoming over dependent on you.

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