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Making Smart Choices For Your Pet
by James Brown

The smartest choice that a pet owner can make is choosing a pet that is compatible with the lifestyle they live. Both the owner and the pet deserve to be happy about living with each other and a large dog is never happy about living in cramped quarters. People make smart choices when they buy dog runs for the dog to exercise in but fail miserably when the pet must sleep in a compartment that is half its size. The smart pet choices would be to build a doghouse that any dog would be happy to live in, just as the owner chose when they bought the house they live in.

People can make other smart choices when they try to communicate with an animal. When pet owners come to realization that the pet does not understand them, many people will take the dog to training classes to make them understand. The smartest choice in communicating with pets is to use hand signals and not with languages because there are not many dogs that speak Spanish, English, or Italian. Cats use hand signals to show displeasure by using paws to move around used clay litter.

Some will go so far as to pitch the litter from the box to show owners their disdain and displeasure. Owners make the smart choices when they buy litter that is absorbent and dutifully recognize that there is a problem. Pet owners that recognize a dog needs to go outside for a moment or two are rewarded by clean floors when they get up each morning. Pets are just as smart as people and deserved to be loved just as much as the owner. Pets that are ignored will gain attention by doing things that they have been told are wrong but are smart enough to act sorry.

Certain activities will make owners realize that they made smart choices. This is especially true when pet owners take their dogs out for a walk. Those that placed a leash on the dog before they exited the building are the pet owners that will have an animal with them when they return home from that pleasant activity. The outdoors are filled with many animals and dogs love to chase them. A leash keeps the dog safe while outdoors and will keep many automobile accidents from occurring.

Pet owners around the world are making smart choices when they feed their pets. The pet owner gains useful information about nutrition from the family veterinarian. Every pet has certain dietary needs that are based on age and physical condition. Those pets who are newly born cannot eat foods that adult animals are served. Veterinarians stocks foods for all types of animals and can share feeding tips for animals that have had surgery. Gaining knowledge about food needs is one of the smartest choices a pet owner can make.

Most pet owners will discuss pet breeding tips if they are buying an animal that's registered. Those animals that are adopted from a shelter will have smart pet choices already made for them. Many pet owners love their pets but do not have plans to own anymore. They will take humane action and take their pet to a veterinarian to have it spayed or neutered. This smart choice for controlling the pet population keeps everyone in the neighborhood happy. If neighbors want a pet of their own, they always know who they can call to get one.

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