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Keeping Your Pet Safe From Running Away
by Amy Tavormina
Preventive Measures dog running awayHave your dog micro-chipped. This is a tiny identification chip that is inserted under your pets skin. Micro-chipping can be done relatively pain-free and inexpensively by your veterinarian. In the event that your dog goes missing and is brought to an animal hospital or shelter, the micro-chip will be scanned and you will be called to retrieve your lost pet.
dog running awayHave your dog licensed and keep this license on a separate collar around his neck. (You can also put your dog's Rabies tag on this collar.) In the event that your dog is on a leash and pulls out of his collar, he will still be wearing identification. Whoever finds your dog can then either call your township or your veterinarian and you can be contacted to pick up your pet.
dog running awayA relatively new product to hit the market are dog GPS collars and backpacks. These are around a few hundred dollars and usually include a monthly service fee, but in the event your dog goes missing, this GPS technology will help you easily locate your pet.

Actions to Take if your Dog Does Run Away: dog running awayIf your dog becomes lost, organize a search party. Inform your neighbors and walk/drive around the area searching for your pet.
dog running awayBe sure to contact local agencies at least once a day to see if your dog has been found.
dog running awayIf your dog does become lost make sure to include the following on your fliers: a picture, date that your pet was lost, your pet's name, breed and coloring, description and any unique markings, and your phone number. You can also include award information. (Tip: you can also include this information in a newspaper ad).

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