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How To Build A Dog House
by Jason Roberts

Most of the population allow their dogs to live indoors and relax on the couch and sleep in their owner's bed. If you are interested in building a dog house for your dog then follow these simple tips when starting this project.

1. Start building your dog house by finding out how big you need to make the house so when your animal reach their full adult size they will still fit in it. We like having a couple of feet of air above us so we don't feel claustrophobic. Your dog will appreciate having that much room, as well. 1/3 of our standing height is where our comfort zone is. Take out a tape measure and measure your dog to find out how much room your dog will need. To figure this out measure your dog while standing up, sitting on his haunches and in his most relaxed position of lying completely stretched out. Whether your pet is standing up or sitting he should be able to see out the front entrance. The dog should not have to bend down and let his stomach touch the ground to see out. Measure the width of the widest point of your dogs shoulder's while standing above him.

2. The dog house should be raised a few inches off the ground to let air and water go underneath it. Ventilation is important because it discourages pets to bother you dog in its house and keeps your pet healthier. Under the eaves you should have several small holes in the walls. Inside the house put in a wind block so your dog can warm up the house using its own body heat. Adding a partial wall to the dog house will allow him to get away from the cold and windy weather. This allows the dog to choose whether he wants to sleep in the entryway or in the other section of the house. Providing a pillow or bed would probably make your animal very happy and a lot more comfortable.

3. Build the floor so it is a bit slanted so it stops rain from coming inside the dog house. Also, build the roof at a bit of a slant for the same reason. If you want your dog house to be insulated well then do not paint on the inside.

4. Storms typically come from the south and west in the U.S. so making sure your dog house faces a different direction would make the most sense. Having the door of the dog house face to the east is highly suggested so the cold air cannot come through the door so easily.

5. By putting hinges on the top of the dog house it makes it easier for you to clean your dog's living space. Every time you give your pet a bath it is suggested that you clean the dog house at the same time.

Every dog really should have a warm, safe and comfortable living space where they are safe from severe weather. Follow these tips to help you build a great house for your dog.

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