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How to Help Your Dog Make Friends
by Alisa M. Chagnon

You may not have thought about friends for your dog very often, because after all, you are your dog’s best friend. However, it is recommended to socialize your dog. This can help in many situations. If you are waling your dog and another dog comes up to the two of you, your dog will know how to react. Perhaps you will be in your yard with your dog and another dog comes roaming around; it would be best if your dog knew how to behave. Even if your dog is an inside dog, there will be times when the interaction of your pet and another dog happens and it is best to prepare your pooch.

You should begin in little steps. If you know of a friend who has a well behaved dog, you should make a play date with your dog and the other dog. Allow the two dogs to slowly get used to each other. Stay close in case there is any aggression. It may take several visits for the dogs to get used to each other. If they do become friends, if possible allow them free reign to run in an enclosed yard.

After your dog is used to the company of one dog, you can make a larger step toward dogs that you do not know. This can be done by taking your dog for a walk in an area that you see other owners walking. You can also experiment at your local dog park. You will simply want to walk your dog on his leash and as you come upon other dogs, allow your dog to walk over and say hello to a potential new friend. As in the first step, be ready for any signs of aggression. Have your hand tight on the leash and if there is any growling, remove your dog quickly.

In time, your dog will become used to other dogs and should be able to see them not as threats, but as friends. If you get to know certain other dog owners, you can set up times to allow your dogs to play together. However, in all cases, keep an eye open for any spontaneous fights that may break out to keep your pets safe.

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