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Help with Choosing the Right Dog Carrier
by Connie Limon

The choices for pet carriers have become dizzying! You can spend anywhere from $30 up to $1,000. There are pink carriers, crocodile-style, and genuine leather carriers, carriers that allow your dog’s head to stick out and other carriers that make it impossible to guess there is a dog inside..

When shopping for a carrier there are functional things to consider first. After that, it is all a matter of style and personal taste. Shopping for a dog carrier is much like shopping for a new purse..

When you are planning an elegant evening out you might shop for a small purse just to carry an ID, a small amount of cash and essential cosmetics. For daytime you might choose a large purse that will carry everything under the sun you might possibly need in a day’s time. You most likely will need room for checkbooks, keys, a wallet, makeup bag, books, coupons, and on and on. Different tasks require different sizes and styles of purses. The same is true with dog carriers..

Your dog may prefer some dog carriers over others..

Quality dog carrierDoes the pet carrier have a sturdy bottom? A sturdy bottom can help to make your dog feel secure while being transported in the carrier.
dog carrierCheck to be sure there is not protruding pieces of hardware or plastic that could injure your pet.
dog carrierIs the carrier soft inside?
dog carrierA nice, removable pad in the bottom that you can wash is essential for your dog carrier.
dog carrierAre the straps securely attached to the bag and sturdy? You do not want them to break while carrying your dog..


After reviewing the pet carriers available you will probably find several bags that are functional for you and your pet. After that, it is becomes all about personal style. There are choices from pink to serious plaid and briefcase styles..

What does your dog think about the carrier?

If your dog screams, shakes and tries to jump out of the carriers you choose, he probably needs a little help from you to learn that carriers provides him with more and fun and freedom with you on the go. Teach your dog that his carrier is a great place to be. Start with tossing a treat in the bag and allow him to jump in the bag to retrieve the treat. Place him gently in the bag and give him treats. Make a big fuss of him inside the bag. Have a special word to say to him each time you place him in the carrier so he knows what to expect and give him his treats. Take some time to acclimate your dog to the carrier before you actually take him on a trip inside the carrier.

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