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Fascinating Facts about Dogs

facts about dogsHow fast is a dog? Most domestic dogs are capable or reaching speeds up to about nineteen miles per hour when running at full speed, but members of the Greyhound family are the fastest, they’re able to reach speeds up to forty-four miles per hour!

facts about dogsHave you noticed how dogs lick their private parts a lot? Although this may seem perverse, it serves an important purpose. The dog’s genitourinary tract will not function without the stimulation that comes from frequent licking. Not so bad now – huh!

facts about dogsWhy do dogs love lakes, but not rain? Dogs often hesitate before venturing into the rain. It’s not because they’re afraid of getting wet, but because the rain amplifies sound and hurts their sensitive ears.

facts about dogsWhat’s that smell? The canine nose works 1 million times more efficiently than the human nose, but only for smalls that are of doggie importance – like BBQ steaks and bacon. The fragrance of flowers, on the other hand, registers only faintly.

facts about dogsWant to know your dog’s age in human years?” A dog is full grown at twelve months, which would be eighteen in human terms (therefore, when your dog turns one, it turns eighteen in human years). From this point on, to calculate the true age of your dog, figure that every year after that is the equivalent of five human years.

facts about dogsEver sensed you dog can read your mind? Studies have shown incredible results indicating dos with telepathic capabilities. In Russia, a team of scientist conducted 1,278 telepathic experiments with dogs, of which 696 were successful. Most of the test involved testing the dog’s ability to read non-verbal and non-physical commands. The scientists believe the odds of that happening by chance would be similar to correctly guessing the correct roulette wheel number over fifty percent of the time…basically a billion to one odds.

facts about dogsEver use the saying “He got caught with his tail between his legs”. This saying came about because a frightened dog puts his tail between his legs. Why? Well, they do that to cut off the scent glands in its anal region, a very vulnerable part of the anatomy. Every dog a personal scent that identifies them, so basically that action of dog is the equivalent of insecure humans hiding their faces.

facts about dogsIt’s raining like cats and dogs! An expression that originated because of the overabundance of cats and dogs. It is estimated that there is at least ten thousand cats and dogs born in the United Stated every year (imagine the number for around the whole world!)

facts about dogsMan or beast – who will win? I’d put my money on beast. Canine muscle mass based on weight highly surpasses ratios compared to humans. It was recorded that a 176 pound Saint Bernard could pull approximately 25 times its own body weight in one try.

facts about dogsThis last one is for all you inseparable pet owners. Dogs have such a strong bond with their owners that between thirty-five and forty-five percent of dog owners talk to their dogs on the phone or through the answering machine.

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