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Dog Toys - Selecting The Right Ones
by Jesse Akre

Dogs like to play. Giving them their own things to play with is a great way to let them use some of their energy, and also keep away from your things that they should not be chewing on. But there is a bit of an art to selecting the right dog toys.

Just like kids, all dogs don't like the same dog toys. Some dogs like to play a little rough others have a softer side

The first thing to consider, when choosing dog toys, is to make sure the toys are the right size. The toys you give your dog should always be large enough they could not get stuck in your dog's throat. Dogs will chew on toys. That's how they play. You just need to make sure what they will chew on will be safe. One mistake many dog owners make is to give their dogs golf balls to play with. While this may seem fun at first, once the dog is able to break through the outer skin of the golf ball, they may well start to swallow the insides, and that could soon mean a trip to the vet's office.

Next you need to decide what style of toys will best suit your dog. This could take a little bit of trial and error when you first get your pet.

You may have to buy a few different styles of toys and then watch to see which kind he seems to be the most interested in. All dogs develop their own playing style and by watching what they like to play with, and what they don't, you will be able to more easily select toys they will like in the future.

For a rough and tumble dog, you want to get pull dog toys, and things that are a little hardier and created for a rip-roaring playtime. If tug of war is a game you like to play with your dog, you need to make sure you get tugging toys that are fun, but also safe. While you will be pulling with your hands, your dog will be pulling with his teeth. That means there could be damage done of the toy he is pulling on is too hard. You should look for rubber or rope pull items so they will be a little softer on the inside of his mouth.

If you have a dog that likes to shred things it may be best to choose tug of war toys that are not made of rope, as this rope could well be the next thing that is shredded in your home.

Some dogs like softer toys, and things that are not as rough on their teeth. For these pets there are plenty of stuffed dog toys to choose from. Many of them are stuffed animals that have rattles or squeakers inside, so as your dog plays with them, they will make noise and encourage him to play even more.

One important note on giving your dog stuffed animals. If you have children, teach your dog which toys are his and which are your child's. You may have to monitor this for a while to make sure your pet doesn't attack the kid's toys.

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