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When It Comes to Dog Grooming, Training is Paramount
by Roland Jefferson

Whether your pet has a short, sleek coat or long, thick fur, grooming will be a part of your normal dog care routine. Since this is a ritual that you will be performing every day or week, dog grooming training will make the process more comfortable and enjoyable for both you and your furry friend. There are a number of steps to keeping your dog looking and feeling his best, from teeth brushing, to toenail clipping, to regular baths and brushings. All of these tasks will go much more smoothly if you and your pet have completed a few dog grooming training sessions together. The main tools that you will require (besides a few basic grooming tools), are patience and rewards, and plenty of them. Are you ready to get your pet looking his best? Read on to find out how to make grooming sessions a positive part of your pet care routine.

Take It Slow

Dog grooming training will incorporate activities like brushing your pet’s teeth, keeping his nails clipped, and maintaining his shiny, healthy coat. All of these activities will require that you touch your pet in areas that might be sensitive or guarded, making it extremely important for you to take the process slow and pepper it with many rewards. Begin with brushing his teeth, since healthy teeth and gums will lead to the better overall health of your dog. Since many dogs are not comfortable with their owners handling their muzzles, begin with some gentle strokes to the nose that will eventually lead to pulling up the lip and getting the toothbrush where it needs to go. Praise your pet every step of the way and reward him with kind words and an occasional treat as often as necessary. Before you know it, your dog will allow you to brush all of his teeth on a regular basis.

The same process can be used when clipping your dog’s nails. Begin by touching his paws, and lightly pressing to expose the nails. With a bit of time and encouragement, your dog will sit calmly as you clip his nails, and you will be able to accomplish this task quickly and frequently. Brushing your dog’s coat may not be as traumatic for your pet as clipping and teeth brushing tend to be – until you begin to touch sensitive areas like his back end or tail. Wait until the end of your session to begin your dog grooming training in this area. Start by petting the area, praising your dog when he allows you to do so. As your pet gets used to you handling his tail and back side, he will eventually relax as you work a brush through the area. This will keep this very important part of your pet clean and free of mattes.

Dog grooming training takes some time and patience to complete, but it is not difficult and the rewards are far reaching. When your pet allows you to complete the cleaning process, you will both find these sessions to be pleasant and easy.

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