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Dog Crates As Dog Pets' Havens
by Jerry Brecken

It is safe to say that dog crates should not merely be used as instruments for punishing the dogs, rather such crates should serve as havens for dogs -- private dens that should stand the test of time and provide support to the dogs' need for a shelter, a sleeping area, or a safe and comfortable playpen.

Apparently, dogs, by instinct, want a territory of their own, thus a den. In the same manner, dogs opt for a clean and dry sleeping area, which only specially-designed crates can ably offer. In this regard, dog crates made of sturdy materials are of great help in protecting the dogs from playful children and any untoward incident. However, depending on the purpose of the den and the dog's size, there is a specific type of dog crate that can ably cater to your pet's needs. As such, you may choose from crates made from plastic or wire that come in various sizes and designs that should fit in your car or home.

On the other hand, crates are also used to train pups, specially the active ones. So indeed, dog crates are of great help both to the owner and the dog.

Hence, you should put dog crates among the top items on your purchase list. Consider the following when choosing which crate to buy:

1. The crate must have sufficient movement space for your pet. A crate which tends to suffocate your dog due to its limited space should be crossed out from your options. The crate should allow your pet to breathe and move in any direction. However, it is ideal that you get the crate that has an expandable feature. This way, it can accommodate your growing pup and save you money as you don't have to purchase a bigger one.

2. The crate must be made of durable materials, guarantees protection, and carries a fine design. As in the case of any other implement for dogs, the crate should allow for many years of use. Check out if the crate has sturdy wire frames -- the spaces between the frames should not invite any untoward incident like your pet's paws getting caught in them as this may cause injury.

The crate's overall design should be well done. For one, you should take note if the crate's floor is raised or solid. For one, the former type can ably give your pet an elevated floor, thus providing you a space for any pan-like for catching water, food, or waste to prevent the said items from accumulating in the crate. Also, examine the doors. Avoid doors with spring as these may injure your pet's paws or hurt its tail when the door suddenly shuts while your pet is yet trying to step in the crate. Moreover, take note of any pointed edge that can injure your dog.

3. The crate must be easy to clean. The same with a pet bed, a dog crate that can be washed within minutes is also an ideal purchase. Remember that dogs hate dirty, wet surfaces. Hence, check out if the crate is washable as this will not pose as a hassle on your part in maintaining the cleanliness of your pet and its haven.

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