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Your Cat - A Stress Reliever
by Sharon Cowherd

Did you know that your cat is a good source to relieve stress? Well they are, and much more than that. And the truth be told they are also the cause of stress. Especially when they are sick and have you worried and stressed out about them, or even when they are just being totally unruly. But I do not want to focus on them creating stress; I want to share how they eliminate stress for our everyday lives.

It could be the gentle nudge of their nose to get your attention to the beautiful sound of their purr that will relieve any stress that has built up throughout the day. Animals also have a keen sense of knowing when you are not feeling yourself. I have noticed that my cats are very much in tune with my daily activities and do know my routine and know when something is not right.

Have you ever had such a stressful day that you just didn’t know how you were going to get rid of this horrible feeling? I have been there many times before, and I have tried so many types of relaxation techniques to put my mind at ease and have a peaceful moment. It wasn’t until I got my first cat that I found total peace within myself.

If you have a cat, you may have experienced some of these wonderful stress relievers. Cats are truly remarkable at comforting when you need it. Just by simply stroking your cat is a very soothing experience. I will usually sit in my comfortable chair and one of the cats will jump into my lap and allow me to pet them. I will usually start by stroking their head first, scratching behind the ears, and then stroking down their back. When I make long, slow strokes it starts to erase the stress that I had been feeling that day. And it also reduces your cat’s stress from missing you all day.

There are times when I hit the right chord with whichever cat happens to be on my lap, and they will start to purr up a storm. Their purring is such a soothing and relaxing sound and feeling. The vibration from the purring has actually put me to sleep before. I am much better now that I have cats to relieve some of the daily stress that is accumulated each day.

Over time you may even begin to associate your cat with the feeling of relaxation and stress just melts away just by seeing them waiting for you at the door. I have pictures of my cats on my desk at work and if I feel like I am getting too tense about something I just look at the picture and imagine them sitting on my lap, purring until I feel better. This is such a wonderful feeling and one that is good to be able to have each and every day.

If you experience stress, whether it is daily or occasionally and you are able to have a cat, sit down with them in your favorite chair. Stroke their silky fur and listen to the melodic purr and feel your stress go away.

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