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Ten Worst Excuses Not to Spay or Neuter a Pet
by David the Dogman

The ten worst excuses not to spay or neuter a pet are:

1. Just one litter and then we'll have Fluffy spayed.
(Studies show that virtually the entire pet overpopulation stems from the "just one litter mentality.)

2. My dog doesn't run loose, so he doesn't need to be fixed.
(Murphy's Law says otherwise.)

3. We always find homes for the kittens.
(And that means that an equal number of kittens at the pound will be killed.)

4. I want the children to witness the miracle of birth.
(Rent a video.)

5. My dog is so cute and unique, there should be more of her.
(The shelters and pounds are full of cute and unique dogs, most with only a few days to live.)

6. It's not natural.
(There hasn't been anything "natural" about dogs since we began to develop breeds thousands of years ago.)

7. I just couldn't look my dog in the eye if I had him castrated.
(Watch it, you're anthropomorphiizing.)

8. A female dog or cat should have at least one litter for health reasons.
(Medically, factually and ethically indefensible.)

9. Neutering my dog will make him fat and lazy.
(Too much food and not enough exercise make a dog fat and lazy.)

10. Fixing my pet will change its personality.
(The main influences on an animal's personality are the kindness and care with which it is raised.)

Commitment, Firmness, but kindness.

About the Author:
Do you have any problems with your pet? Then why not send your problem to DAVID THE DOGMAN. David is a Canine Behaviorist who works and lives in Marbella, Spain. Tel/Fax (00345) 2883388. His web site is located at: David has his own radio and TV shows, and writes for many newspapers and magazines. David has been working with dogs for many years and started his career in Israel, working on the Border Police. He has been involved in all forms of training, including air sea rescue, air scent work, and has trained dogs for finding drugs. David has devoted the past 10 years to studying behavior and the very passive approach. He does not use choke chains, check chains, or any form of aggression.
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