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Make Your House Safe For Cat

When cat proofing your home and garden you need to get a cat's prospective on things. It is up to you, the responsible cat owner, to make sure that your cat's curiosity doesn't land her in life-threatening situations. Cats have an insatiable curiosity. Everything must be investigated, hunted, and played with; this can sometimes have dire consequences. Here are some simple tips to help you make your home safer for your resident feline(s).

Cats Love to Climb.

Cats love to jump up on things and climb. Make sure none of your breakable prized possessions are in areas your cat is liable to jump up on, it is very simple for them to be knocked off and broken unintentionally.

Electric Cables.

Any exposed cables are potential hazard for a playful kitten. Make sure they are not frayed, because if a kitten begins to play with an unsafe lead it can easily be electrocuted.

Recliner Chairs.

Many cats will go underneath these chairs as a hiding or resting place. Cats that are caught in the mechanism when the chair is opened or closed can be seriously injured or killed.

Commercial Cat Toys.

These come in a variety of shapes and sizes and using them to play with your cat can provide valuable bonding time for you and your feline friend. They are generally designed with feline safety in mind, although it is still wise to "cat-proof" them by removing any bits and pieces that would be chewed or ingested.

Kitten Safety.

Keeping your toilet bowl closed after use is a must for small kittens, and especially a breed of cat like the Bengal, who seems naturally attracted to water. Move glass or breakable treasures inside a locked cabinet, or use special anchoring clay to keep them secured from being knocked over by an inquisitive paw. Always keep your washing machine and dryer doors closed, and check carefully before and after each use to make sure your kitty hasn't somehow gotten inside. For some reason, all kittens seem to love exploring underneath the refrigerator - make sure that they cannot get all the way under or behind the refrigerator by filling up those spaces or putting boards or other material there to keep the kitties out.


Keep your windows screened at all times. Never assume that your kitty will be able to keep her balance on the window sill. Even the most agile of cats is bound to take a dangerous fall given enough trips to an unsecured window sill.

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