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Does Your Pet Wear a Cat Flea Collar?
by Steve Gee

If you've got a cat then I'm guessing that you have a flea problem too. I've never known any cat that didn't invite them in whenever she could. My darling feline friend can't seem to get enough of their company. I think that they must party together all night long then they come indoors in her fur for a well-earned rest during the day. If they can get a free feed off me then that's a bonus for them.

I expect that you believe you are doing your best for your pet by buying a cat flea collar for her? I certainly do but have you might have noticed that most cat flea collars seem to stop working after a short time? They don't seem to last for even a day not the three or four months that they are supposed to. I don't have any idea why this is true but I can suggest a few different ways of dealing with the flea problem.

There is something else that I don't like about cat flea collars, or dog flea collars. They contain poison to kill the fleas. This poison can affect humans by causing irritation or soreness. If these cat collars can do this to humans then they might have a similar effect on your pet and we wouldn't want that would we?

So what else can be done about the fleas? You could try a shampoo that is supposed to kill the fleas, if your cat will let you apply it that is. Personally I've never met a cat yet that likes getting wet, they turn into screeching claw monsters so trying to give her a shampoo is not very practical. Oh yes, if you do try this, don't expect your cat to talk to you again for the next few days or weeks.

My vet recommends treating cats with a product that stops the fleas reproducing. You need to apply this substance to the back of your cat's neck every 3 months for it to be effective. You have to remember that this does not kill the fleas but it does stop them multiplying so you should see a reduction in fleas after a few months and you can make this happen a lot quicker if you remove the fleas by combing them out.

Use a flea comb daily. I love my cat and I expect that you love yours too. I find that there is nothing better for relieving stress after a day at work than giving her a good combing and removing any fleas she might have picked up during the day. This can be surprisingly effective at controlling the fleas. You must remember that there is no way, not that I know of at any rate, of ensuring that your cat never gets any fleas if she goes outdoors at all. Look for the fleas on the comb after each stroke through her fur. When you see one you have to catch it and crush it between two hard surfaces like your thumbnails. Yucky I know but you get used to it.

Don't forget to treat your carpets and furniture. Fleas will jump off your cat and live in your carpets and furniture until another animal comes along. It's very important that you spray everything with a suitable anti-flea spray. Make sure that you follow the instructions on the label before you use it.

So if your pet is infested with fleas then think about using some of the remedies that I've mentioned above before you rush out and buy a cat flea collar.

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