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Cat Character Has Won The Hearts Of Many Cats Lovers

Cats are all kings and queens in their own reigns. Do show respect for them and care for them as much as they care for you. They are gentle to their humans and love them more than they love themselves. Don't punish them and always learn to understand about cat character. Here are some summarized list of interesting facts about cat character.

Their Special Way of Walking: the cat is a skillful hunter and this may be the reason for a cat to walk in that special manner. The cat walk moves two legs on one side together first and, then shifts to repeat the motion with the other side.

The tail of the cat also plays a part in the cat walk as it provides balance, much in the same way as the tightrope walker uses a long pole. A cat that walks along a narrow ledge or fence can peer over in one direction by taking the help of its tail that moves in the opposite direction.

The footpads of the cat are extremely calloused and are of a modified skin that will cover the connective tissue and, thus is much tougher than normal skin. This allows the cat to walk even in the cold, without any problem.

Average cats have a visual field of view estimated at 200°, versus 180° in humans, with a binocular field (overlap in the images from each eye) narrower than that of humans.

Domestic cats are very effective predators. They ambush and dispatch vertebrate prey using tactics similar to those of leopards and tigers.

Cats are a very clean animal. They take care of it themselves by licking their fur. The cats tongue is rough, and loose hair and debris stick to it very well. When swallowed, the loose hair forms a hairball in their stomach.

Most kittens will climb over objects, only to fall off again. Climbing is an integral part of a cats life, and kittens learn how to climb the hard way. When the cat knows how to climb, they are quite good at it, using both their legs and claws.

Kittens are always very curious about their surroundings, and tend to wander off from their mothers. The mother cat is very protective, and will catch her kitten, and carry them back home in her mouth, by the scruff of their necks.

It is widely known that cats see better in the dark than we do. There is a layer behind their retina, called the tapetum lucidum, which reflects light. Humans, on the other hand, see better than cats do during the day.

Male cats are very territorial, and mark their territory by urinating inside, and outside their home. This is more common in male cats who have not been neutered. They will also rub on people and objects as another means of marking their territory.

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