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Better Cat Care Defined
by James Redder

Your cat will always rely on you for food, water, safe shelter and regular veterinary cat care even though they appear independent. By doing this consistently you place yourself in a much better place to develop a mutual and rewarding relationship. The guidelines in this article should allow you to consistently perform optimum cat care.

Make it a point to get a cat ID tag and collar that has your address,name and telephone number information. By ensuring that your cat is wearing one you ensure there safe return home in the event they find themselves lost and outside in strange surroundings. Some of the ID tags have a radio responder built into them and by making sure your cat is wearing one you make it possible for another person can read it and bring your cat back to you.

Keep your cat inside if at all possible. This action will ensure that the community, your cat and you are doing what's best for all involved. Plus if you have gone through all the trouble to find and train your kitty why risk losing them?

Make it a point to get your cat neutered or spayed. This will assist in reducing the problem of cat overpopulation and will keep them healthier.

It is up to you to train your cat from doing things you don't like like jumping on counter tops and scratching furniture. They can be trained like any other pet if you also keep in mind a bit of understanding, effort and patience when doing so. If you set up a simple system of rewarding and praising them when they perform as you want will go a long way toward them acting and behaving the way you would like.

To keep your cat's coat healthy, soft and shiny make a it a point to groom them often. To keep your cat's hair from matting it should be brushed. This will also decrease the creation of hairballs by your cat. Hairballs are produced when cats groom themselves and in the process they ingest hair. Too much of that at once can cause problems for your cat.

In closing just remember to be patient and loyal with your cat. Also remember that the majority of behavior problems can be resolved and make sure you have reasonable expectations of your cat's behavior. Contact the local animal shelter or veterinarian if you are having major issues with your cat's behavior.

About the Author:
James Redder is a loving and caring promoter of Cat Training. He created and writes for Expert Cat Care online cat care and training resource.
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