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Tweety Bird - Large or Small Pet Birds
by Renske Buursma

When your kids start asking for a pet, you might hear "I want a Bugs Bunny" or a "Mickey Mouse", both pets you might shy away from. But, for those that hear "I want a Tweety Bird", you have nothing to worry about as birds can make some of the most entertaining and loveable household pets around. Not only are they moderately easy to care for, they can liven up your entire house with their sweet song and a colorful plumage. For those Tweety seeking future pet owners, the reasons to consider a bird are numerous.

Small Birds

A small bird will be an incredibly easy pet for you to care for. Not often very expensive, requiring only a decent cage and a good supply of food, birds like Cockatiels and Finches tend to be more or less independent, especially if you buy more than one. They will be more than happy to entertain themselves and when it comes to time to watch them or whistle with them, they are more than willing to oblige. While some smaller birds can become ornery if not properly raised from birth, many are a joy to handle and keep around the house.

Larger Birds

Parrots are probably the most entertaining and intriguing of birds when considering them as a pet. Not only is their ability to mimic legendary, and quite often incredibly entertaining, they live an extremely long time, on par with a human life span, meaning that a parrot will be a pet and household companion for life. While these birds will cost a bit more and need larger cages and numerous toys to keep them occupied, a parrot for someone with the time to spend is a wonderful pet, one that will become so attached as to feel like a member of the family.


The difference between a finch and a parrot is vast, a decision that will largely depend on where you live, how much time you have to spend, and who will be around the bird. While finches and canaries largely dislike being handled, a parrot thrives on that attention and the more time you spend with them outside of the cage, the closer they will bond to you.

A smaller bird will often serve as a companion of proximity, keeping a lively, energetic atmosphere in your apartment or home, while a parrot is another member of the family, a reason to turn off the TV and gather the family around while he plays.

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