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What Is The Scoop About The Power Of Pets?
by Ruth Bird

I read a report on the effects pets have on heart attack patients. In Australia after a year,6% of heart attack victims who owned a dog died, but, the difference is: a 25% mortality rate for those who didn't own a dog. Now some people may be surprised. I am not, I have done dog therapy visiting for many years and see first hand the effect a dog can have on a health challenged person.

For many years, we have become aware of the therapeutic effects pets can have in healing. Some of these effects can be for: reduction in depression and stress.

What do you think will benefit you more when you are going through certain challenging difficulties, people or petsfree pet information

Think about it. When you are stressed or depressed, do you want a person around, or would you feel better stroking a pet, and looking in your pet's eyes? Believe it or not, most people prefer the pet because there is no pressure coming from the pet. The pet is strictly a "receiver" for you!

Pets are also great for lowering blood pressure. This is a known fact. There is power in pets.

Having a dog present during stressful times, with people around, could even cancel out the people stress. Again, the dog's receptive and loving nature seems to suck up the stress.

More power of the pet!

Again, it has been documented in many places that pet owners are happier and healthier people.

What is it that makes a pet so powerful?

A persons mental state of mind can change when you bring a pet into the equation. This has even been proven with scientific studies. The brain chemicals actually go through changes. So, we have fact here, and not fiction.

A pet is in a constant state of acceptance to you. More perhaps a dog than a cat. A pet will bring meaning into someone's life. A pet can actually serve as a positive relationship; this will give confidence to the pet owner. Many pet owners will work harder, and more efficiently at keeping well, and getting well for the benefit of their pets. They want to make sure that they are there for their pets. An added incentive to wellness.

Animals, especially dogs, have a sense of what their owners need, and they are able to give it. There is no hidden agenda with a dog or a pet. A pet's purpose in life is to serve his/her master. And the master's responsibility is to look after the pet. Hence, a purpose for wellness to many people!

Please note, this is not medical advice, simply an idea that has been documented and studied more and more.

About the Author:
Ruth is actively involved with the internet. Her passions are people and pet health. She is a wife, a stepmom a dog owner and a business person. She is married for almost 30 years. One of her dogs is a Certified Therapy Dog. Her passions are dog care and dog training. Her Home PageHer Adopt A Dog Blog And Her Pet Blog
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