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Pet Keeping 101

Sooner or later many parents have to face their child's wish for its own pet. Whether dog or cat, hamster or pony, the choice for the right pet has to be a conscious one. The contact with and proper keeping of animals in a flat requires knowledge of the diet and character of the animal. To keep a pet means to be ready to carry responsibility.

It is important to daily play with the animal, to feed it and to understand when it does not feel so well. Many children confuse the wish for a pet with the substitute for a toy and are then easily overwhelmed with the keeping of and care for the pet. This work then becomes the parent's task, which was not meant to be the purpose. Before parents agree to the wish, it is important to explain to the child what daily responsibility, necessary care and limited free time mean.

Only when the child is fully aware of what it really means to keep an own animal, one should give its OK. If you are not sure right from the start which breed to choose, it is always advisable to have a look into adequate literature on the topic. In addition you can receive good advise from qualified personnel in a pet shop or in an animal shelter. It is important that no hastily decisions are taken, but that it develops into a relaxed and joyful undertaking.

Working Animal

We will probably never know for sure, what the very first coming together of pet and man was like. Pets originally derive from wild animals. Man's agenda with breeding animals was to easily gain sustainable access to products and raw materials for food development. Man easily understood the different possibilities in which animals could be of use and he utilized the draught power of many animals.

Horses for example were used as working animals in forest- or field works. We know that dogs are the best snoopers and track seekers. The most important is their nose, because their scenting ability is a lot better than that of man. Dogs are not only used to track down drugs or explosives, but also to find people who have been buried by an avalanche and are lying meters in the snow.

In science animals are mainly used to have the tolerance of new medicines tested. Only since the last century they have been used for animal experiments for tests in medicine but also cosmetics. is not aiming at experts but is rather a source of information for the average animals friend. The site is meant to provide you with information on the variety of species that can be kept as pets. This portal is for the amateur but also for the passionate animal lover and contains many pictures, articles and portraits of the different breeds.

Hardly any other topic offers you this great possibility to share your experiences with other people and to support each other with tips and ideas. is a guide for you and your pet. Protect yourself from high vet bills and get the best care for your pet. To get a pet insurance quote visit or visit the Tierforum.

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