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by David the Dogman

This year I am receiving many telephone calls from members of the public complaining that when they collect their pets from kennels, that they look thin and have skin problems. Many have flea problems. I always recommend that you DON'T BOOK UNTIL YOU LOOK. If a kennel will not allow you to look around, then go somewhere else since they may have something to hide. If the kennels smell doggy try another place.

Tell the kennels what food you are feeding, if they do not have it, you supply it. If the kennel will not use your proprietary food, try somewhere else. Always check they have screens to protect your dog against sandfly.

All good kennels will ask for sight of your vaccination book, which must be up to date, also they will require details of any medication, and the name and phone number of your vet.

Provide the kennel with a list of your commands and pet phrases, like his special name, and take along his favorite toys.

Pet owners worry that their pets will pine and be miserable, I would be miserable if I was allowed to sleep on my mummies bed and was now in a cage. However there are many things we can do to help our pets to avoid "separation anxiety". It might be a good idea to put your dog into a kennel just for a day when a visitor comes from your homeland.

If you go away for a weekend or for a holiday remember your pet is a creature of habit, he knows you are changing your routine, this might be the time to pop him into a kennel.

If you plan to go away, then you should be a bit cool with your pet and try to detach yourself.

One final tip, when you leave your pet at a kennels, do not start getting upset, this will affect your pet, and never arrange for a friend to go and visit.

Commitment, Firmness, but kindness.

About the Author:
Do you have any problems with your pet? Then why not send your problem to DAVID THE DOGMAN. David is a Canine Behaviorist who works and lives in Marbella, Spain. Tel/Fax (00345) 2883388. His web site is located at: David has his own radio and TV shows, and writes for many newspapers and magazines. David has been working with dogs for many years and started his career in Israel, working on the Border Police. He has been involved in all forms of training, including air sea rescue, air scent work, and has trained dogs for finding drugs. David has devoted the past 10 years to studying behavior and the very passive approach. He does not use choke chains, check chains, or any form of aggression.
David The Dogman is available for private consultations in your home, for further details telephone; Tel; (95) 2883388
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