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How To Choose A "Critter Sitter" For Your Pet
by Bart LeToad

Going out of town and taking a break from the city's busy life for a week is a nice and relaxing thing to consider. However, you become hesitant because you do not want to leave your dog home alone. Now you can get a pet sitter and treat yourself to a vacation without having to worry about your pet. When choosing the right pet sitter for your dog, you have to consider the following: experience, trustworthiness of the sitter, safety of your dog and how your sitter will care for your dog.

Experience is one of the most important things to consider in choosing the right pet sitter for your pet since this will be your assurance that your pet is well taken care of while you are away. It is also best for you to choose a pet sitter who is insured because this will protect you should an accident occur while you are away from home. However, experience is not only the guarantee for you not to worry about leaving your dog with a pet sitter. You should always check references and do as much of a background check as possible before you hire because you are not only entrusting your pet to the sitter, but also your home and personal belongings.

Leaving your dogs with a stranger is a big step and requires some thinking and checking into the pet sitter's background. It is not easy to trust people especially if you are going to leave them with your valuables and the pet you dearly love. Make sure you do as much of a background check as possible and always check references. Ask the former clients they listed as a reference about their personality and overall performance since they already have experience with their services. Don't be afraid to ask for an appointment with the pet sitter before you entrust your pet to her. This is a great way for you to get to know the pet sitter you are looking to hire. Once you feel like that the pet sitter can be trusted, ask her how she is going to go about carrying for your dog.

The purpose of you getting a pet sitter is for your pet to have somebody to look after her when you are away. The pet sitter's main tasks are to provide your pet with fresh water, food and plenty of attention, playtime and outdoor time. She may also turn lights on and off, collect mail and take out the trash for you if make arrangements for them to do so. Most importantly, she should be able to assure you of the safety of your dog while you are away. Make sure you discuss everything you expect of your pet sitter to avoid misunderstandings.

The number of visits of your pet sitter to your pet will depend on the kind of pet you have. If you have a dog, pet sitters usually suggest two visits per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. For healthy cats one visit per day will do. Still these will be open to changes depending on your arrangement with your pet sitter. You should not forget to leave a contact number of the place where you are going to stay in order for your pet sitter to reach if ever there are emergencies that will arise. Lastly, inform your pet sitter of some special care you have for your pet before you leave your pet to your pet sitter.

Entrusting your pet to your pet sitter or any body else for that matter entails risk. However, be sure you take into consideration the experience, insurance, trustworthiness and personal care before hiring a pet sitter in order to minimize risk. If you do not want to entrust your pet to a personal sitter, then you may want to consider a secure boarding environment. Today's boarding facilities offer a much improved, more securely regulated environment than before.

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