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Helpful Hints With Pets
by Hal Stormi

Getting a pet is great for kids and adults alike. That being said, a certain responsibility comes with owning a pet. To make sure things go well, consider the following tidbits of advice.

1. Dog Urine in Carpet – If your dog can’t hold it anymore, don’t get to angry. You can get the urine out without much problem. Mix sudsy water with lemon juice and blot the carpet.

2. Feeding Cats Lobster – If you are munching on lobster, don’t give it to your cat. Lobster with butter on it can block up their intestines.

3. Removing Burrs in Dog Fur – Dogs inevitably get all kinds of things in their fir. With burrs, the first step is to smash them with pliers. Next, rub oil into the fur and then pull the burr out.

4. Get A Little Air – Pets are like humans. They need to get outside and stop hanging around the house. Take your pet with you when you can.

5. Chocolate and Cats – If you are eating, you might want to give chocolate tidbits to your little one. Chocolate is very harmful to cats and can easily result in a visit to the vet.

6. Dogs Urinate on Walks – If your dog is urinating frequently on walks, don’t worry. He or she is just marking their territory.

7. Careful When Picking Names – Picking a name for a pet is good fun, but you need to be careful. A human name can be embarrassing when someone comes over that has the same one.

8. Exotic Pet Vets – If you are going to get an exotic pet, put the brakes on. First make sure there is a vet in the area that can handle any medical needs.

9. Pets In Pools – Throwing a ball into a pool for a pet to chase is a favorite pastime. Swimming is good for their hips, but watch their fur. It can dry out the skin because of the chlorine.

10. Pets Pulling Skateboards – Dogs inevitably end up as sled dogs if your kids have skateboards. You should know the leash is strangling them. Get a brace that goes around their chest instead.

Whether you are getting a dog, cat or something more exotic, understanding the needs of your pet is good place to start. Although we all tend to lend human qualities to our pets, they are not human. Make sure you take care of them based on knowledge.

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