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Disaster Preparedness Checklist for Pet Owners
by Deborah Stanley

When a disaster strikes, are you prepared? Disasters can happen anywhere at any time. The public doesn't usually get a lot of notice before a disaster strikes, so you must be prepared in advance and know what to do quickly if there is an emergency.

Here`s a handy Disaster Preparedness Checklist and a List of Most Important Pet Care Numbers. A cat owner or a dog owner, one pet or multiple pets, this list should help you get an idea of how prepared you are and point you in the right direction. Get Prepared NOW so you don`t have to worry later!

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pet disaster preparedness checklistMake sure your pets I.D. tags are current

pet disaster preparedness checklistUpdate your pets immunization cards

pet disaster preparedness checklistMake a list of your pets medications

pet disaster preparedness checklistHave your pets first aid kit ready

pet disaster preparedness checklistStack up on emergency food and water supplies

pet disaster preparedness checklistPack at least two travel bowls

pet disaster preparedness checklistGet a flashing collar/ID tag to find your pet quickly

pet disaster preparedness checklistPack a picture of your pets in case you get separated.

pet disaster preparedness checklistGet a safety harness and leash.

pet disaster preparedness checklistKnow your pets hiding places in and out of the house.

pet disaster preparedness checklistDevelop a pet buddy system. Pets, unlike service animals, may not be allowed in emergency shelters. Talk to your family, friends and neighbors. Plan how you will help each other in an emergency.

pet disaster preparedness checklistDesignate an out-of-state and a local friend or relative as contacts. A contact can be used by family members or others to call if you are separated from each other. Identify a location where you can reunite.

pet disaster preparedness checklistPlace Rescue Pet Decals on your windows and doors to alert rescue teams to save your pets inside the house.

Important Pet Care Numbers

National Animal Poison Control Center Hotline: (888) 426-4435 (24/7/365)

American Animal Hospital Associations (AAHA): (800) 883-6301

American Humane Association (AHA): (800) 227-4645

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA): (212) 876-7700

American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA): (847) 925-8070

Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS): (800) 440-EARS

Humane Society of the United States (HSUS): (202) 452-1100

Help Me Find My Pet: (866) 699-FIND (3463)

Pet Finders ( (800) 666-5678

Other Important Numbers to Write Down Local Pet Clinic/Emergency Room:

Your Veterinarian:

Emergency Contact:

About the Author:
After seeing the terrible images of animals endangered in Katrina, Deborah and her family decided to start a website to help you protect the most helpless members of your family.
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